Working in Cyber Security – What You Should Know

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If you have a curious mind that you love to use solving problems, and you are interested in Information Technology (IT), working in cyber security may be for you. As hackers become more technologically advanced, so businesses need people who can help to keep their IT systems secure. After all, no business wants to risk the theft of customers’ personal data.

The field of cyber security continues to grow, and there are always job opportunities to be had. People take various routes to the role. They may have have taken a course such as Information Technology at Courses or they may have developed their skills through first taking an entry level IT role. Whatever route is taken, working in cyber security could be the next step.

What roles are available in cyber security?

Cyber security specialists usually either work as consultants, providing advice and support to clients, or for a company protecting its systems. There are several job titles which fall under this umbrella including security analyst, information security consultant and intelligence analyst. Some of the responsibilities you can expect to have, if you start working in one of these roles include:

– Keeping up to date with all recent security

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