Why Data Science and UX Design Need to Become Best Buds

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Data Science and UX Design

Data Science and UX Design

Long gone are the days when design used to rely almost solely on the creativity of designers.

Technologies are sophisticated, subsequently rendering users more demanding. UX design has been blurring the line between art and science. According to Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if its layout or content is visually unappealing. A similar percentage of website visitors will bounce if images take ages to load.

Enter data science to help you avoid death by bad, unintuitive design.

Eliminate educated guessing  

Successfully executed UX design has a strong scientific basis. You must make informed decisions. So before you start designing, it’s essential to go through 6 steps that mimic the scientific method:

    • Ask a question


    • Do research


    • Develop a hypothesis


    • Run experiments


    • Analyze your findings


  • Make an informed decision and implement it.

Never throw darts in the dark and make assumptions on what will get website visitors to stay longer and convert. There’s a sea of information for you to dive into and find what you need. The problem, however, isn’t to collect all that vast data on user preferences. It’s to process and analyze it in a systematic manner to provide you with ready-to-use insights.

Unrightfully neglected by UXers, Google Analytics (GA)

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