What’s the Best Font for Your Resume or CV?

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It might sound a little silly at first, but the typeface you select for your resume design can speak volumes to potential employers. The font represents your design style and professionalism. It can also impact how the person looking at your resume perceives the information at hand.

The typeface you select makes a first impression with every person you might meet in the interview or hiring process. (They’ll likely see your resume before they ever meet you.) Make sure to set the right tone from the start.

Here are a few top-notch font choices that are resume-ready.

Serif Resume Font Options

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Serif fonts are those will additional strokes at the end of each character. They can be subtle or somewhat defined.

Most people associate serif typefaces with professionalism and timelessness. Serif typography options have been around for a long time – back to the Romans – and for that reason have an old-school feel to some people.

For a while, serif font options were used mostly for printed elements, such as books and resumes, and not for digital purposes, but that has changed thanks to higher-quality screens that make every style equally readable.

Use a serif font option for your resume if you want it

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