What's a Website Title (Title Tag) & Why Does It Matter for SEO?


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To consider what a title tag is, and why it matters for SEO, let's start with an example.

Let's say I'm a true beginner in the marketing industry, and I don't even have a firm grasp on what marketing is -- so I turn to Google, and I type in my question, "What is marketing?"

With my question, I'm likely not looking for "marketing best practices" or "10 best marketing campaigns of 2018". Sure, both of those titles have my keyword "marketing" in them, but they won't answer my direct question.

So Google, understanding my intent, serves me this:

Undoubtedly, you can see how a title benefits both a user and a search engine.

While HubSpot's "What Is Marketing? [FAQ]" piece needs to be compelling -- and follow other SEO tactics -- to land on page one of Google, it will never reach its desired audience with the wrong title.

A title, then, enables users to see what a web page's content is about -- and, equally importantly, tells search engines how it should rank the page.

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