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Modern websites do not look or work like the ones created in the early ’90s. That is because technology changes, along with internet marketing rules. As a result, many old site designs are outdated. So, what is the average life of web designLet’s find out together.


Let’s make an analogy between sites and cars.& Most people led, at one time, a “first car”.& You know what I’m talking about, of course!& The car that you bought as a freshman driving license may not have air conditioning, a CD player or electric windows and mirrors.& Do not care that it was not an Audi Q7.& Yet you loved that car!& It represented your independence and took you from point A to point B – most of the time.
Time passes and many of us give up our first cars.& You probably get married and have kids and suddenly the van becomes the ideal vehicle.& You may be moving long distances and the hybrid seems to be the best choice.& No matter what choice you made in terms of your personal car, the idea is that you have overtaken the first car and have gone to something that best fits your needs and which, hopefully, looks even better.&
What is the purpose of this analogy?&
The first thing you need to do is evaluate your current site.& The average life of a web design depends on two things:

  • 1. Does it take you from point A to point B or is it ruined regularly?
  • 2. Is the vehicle suitable to serve your business needs and generates sufficient customers?

OK – there is a third thing.

  • 3. Looks good?

Seriously, if you come to the board meeting in a 2002 Honda Civic, this will not testify that “Hey, I’m Vice President”.& However, if you come with a Mercedes,

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