What happens post-conversion? It’s time we figure it out, together


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Now that I’ve had time to fully digest HeroConf 2019, there was one main theme: what happens post-conversion. When a room of session attendees was asked how many of them were responsible for more than just leads or conversions, 90% of the room raised their hands. So it might not come as a shock to see the PPC industry shifting to focus on not just what happens after the click, but what happens after the conversion.

Post-conversion: Service, support, sales, content, brand and everything else

The reality is that most of us as PPC marketers don’t have much control after the phone call happens. Yet, we still find ourselves in a room with C-suite executives or sales teams holding us accountable for unqualified leads or lack of sales, no matter how great our conversions are. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the increasing expectations of the consumer. They demand transparency, simplicity, convenience and complete personalization. So we also find that if we are operating in one channel, that we somehow are still being held accountable for what happens elsewhere. If your content isn’t great and we can’t control the content, we are already set up to fail.

What’s in a

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