Web Design Tips to Help Increase Customer Conversion

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Having a well-designed website is no longer an option for anyone with ambitions of having a successful business—it’s a requirement. This article discusses how a great web design helps businesses, and provides tips that can help increase customer conversion.

How great web design helps businesses

In this increasingly digital world, your website often serves as your main platform to make a good first impression. This is especially crucial for smaller business that don’t have the established reputation of larger entities. Below are some of the ways a good web design can help your business.

– Builds trust
How many times have you Googled something, clicked on a result, only to leave that website because it doesn’t have a professional-looking design? In this age, people expect a clean website layout that they can easily navigate and find the information they’re looking for. Even if it’s their first interaction with the business, they immediately associate a good website design with a reputable brand.

In fact, according to a Stanford University research, 46.1% of people say a websites design is the top criteria for deciding whether a company is credible or not. A well-designed website communicates dedication and trustworthiness to visitors, laying the foundations for

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