User flow is the new wireframe

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What do user flows have to do with wireframes? Wait… there’s different types of user flows? Continue on my dear reader…

Am I going to be being (overly) dramatic — no way! (Yes). 
Am I (probably) biased—you bet.
But do you have an informative, opinionated article in front of you which will add a tool to your designer tool-belt—yeah sure why not!


  • 📚 A quick definition of user flows
  • 🖥 What role do wireframes have?
    — What do wireframes have to do with user flows?
  • 🔍 What are the different ‘resolutions’ for user flows?
  • 🤔 FAQ: Frequently Anticipated Questions
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📚 A quick definition of user flows

First of all, a quick definition for the uninitiated:

A user flow is a series of steps a user takes to achieve a meaningful goal.

From another article I wrote about the topic.

In this article we’re going to learn how the rise of user flows will have a similar impact on product teams as wireframes.

What’s so great about wireframes anyway?

🖥 What role do wireframes have?

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Wireframes were a great invention that will go down in the records of design. My use of wireframes also stretches to cover: low-fi mockups, blockframes, interfacemonos, and

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