TSB’s digital marketing director on the ‘most challenging time’ of his career


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TSB’s digital marketing and ecommerce director Stuart Brann is not afraid to admit that 2018 has been tough, following an IT meltdown in April which saw thousands of customers locked out of their accounts.

He joined the bank following its split from Lloyds Banking Group, tasked with driving growth at “the UK’s largest challenger bank” and migrating accounts to an IT system created by its new Spanish owner Sabadell. But given it is now thousands of customers and £250m lighter, it’s fair to say things didn’t go as planned.

“This has probably been the most challenging time in my career,” he says. “How do you motivate staff who are going through probably the worst possible few months they’ll have to deal with?”

A performance marketing specialist, Brann’s interest in the field was sparked by the final module of his marketing degree, on direct response. He& is no stranger to its challenges, having worked at a number of high-growth startups and at US private investment firm The Motley Fool immediately following the financial crash in 2008.

“The market had just crashed so the only way it could go was up. It was definitely a challenge but at the same time it was the perfect opportunity

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