Three Common UI Trends eCommerce Loves But Should Hate

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There’s a dangerous little lie the design community has propagated around the internet. Like every entrenched myth, it’s anchored in a bit of truth, which makes it difficult to weed out.

Unfortunately, it seems e-commerce is especially vulnerable to buying into the lie.

The truth: “You only have a few seconds to grab a shopper’s attention before they bounce and never return.”

The lie: “You have to do whatever it takes to really ‘WOW’ your shopper before they leave.”

Here’s the thing, your shopper isn’t looking to be “WOW’d.” They are looking for a solution. They’re looking for a product that solves their problem, need, want, craving, etc. The point is, they’re looking for “something.”

Your first goal is to convince your shoppers they’re in the right place. Make it easy to “find” what your shoppers are looking for.

If the utility of your store is missing, no amount of design will convert your shoppers. Unless you’re vying to become the next best digital version of the MOMA, your shoppers are on your site to buy.

Now of course, design and aesthetics are important. Having a great looking site with impressive features do play a role, but they’re the final touch point. They complement an intuitive experience.

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