The Trouble with Convenience in Web Design

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Recently I faced up to the fact that my cell phone’s camera wasn’t very good. Indeed, none of the cell phones I’ve owned over the years have had a very good camera. True, I tend to use cheaper Android phones – so I’m probably getting what I paid for.

But the pictures were lousy. Anything with motion looked blurry, while indoor photos were either ghostly white (flash on) or dull (flash off). The ability to zoom in on a subject was something of a joke. That led me to say enough is enough. I decided to invest in a used mid-range digital camera. It’s gotten me so excited that I’ve been running around taking nature photos like a kid with a new toy.

The new (to me) camera performs better than I could have hoped. Colors are true and no longer do indoor photos look otherworldly. The only downside? Well, it’s not very convenient to carry a bulky camera around in its own, even bulkier, protective case. Transferring photos to my desktop isn’t so hot, either.

Trading Convenience for Quality

Trading Convenience for Quality

Holding that large, powerful camera in my hand has brought me back to days past. While the camera itself is pretty high-tech, the idea

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