The traits that make consumers more loyal


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YouGov loyalty whitepaper

Numerous brands across all sectors use loyalty schemes as a marketing tactic, both to encourage repeat business and to learn more about their customers. But just because they are so common, it doesn’t make them easy to get right.

In a new report, YouGov lays out key insights into the consumers that use these programmes the most, and how to maximise the value they give back to your brand. Here is a sneak peek.

READ MORE: Download YouGov’s whitepaper, ‘What the British think of loyalty’

The ‘holy trinity’ of loyalty &- and how to achieve it

Just 13% of loyalty scheme members claim to exhibit all three of the key traits brands want: spending more, recommending more and feeling more emotionally connected. Making more purchases is the most common of the three.

Among those consumers who say loyalty schemes prompt all three behaviours, the most popular programme is Boots’ Advantage card.

Women are much more likely to be loyalty scheme members

85% of women are members of a loyalty programme, versus 70% of men, but women aged under 25 are more resistant to the idea than those aged above.

People who have have never joined one are more likely to shop with cash and prefer brands over private

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