The Top Nine Uses for Blockchain

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Blockchain is often being shoehorned into projects it shouldn't be a part of, so it's hard to find out how viable it is long-term, and whether or not it can actually end up being used for something.

With that in mind, we've compiled this list of top nine uses for blockchain that are not only viable, but also necessary and highly probable.

1. Financial Freedom

Financial freedom: a man rolling in money

The first and most obvious use is decentralization of money. Bitcoin's original purpose was a cheap and easy but trustless way to transfer monetary value to anyone in the world at any time of day. As that vision slowly faded away, others took up the mantle and now there are many cryptocurrencies that do just that. In underdeveloped countries that skipped landlines and moved straight to smartphones with data connections, e-banking is now possible as long as those people are willing to be their own banks.

But how viable is this? If large corporations like Facebook, Google and Twitter can be commanded to ban cryptocurrency-related advertisements, the unbanked will need jailbroken and rooted phones to install some of the software essential for an entry into cryptocurrency. This might present a hurdle we've yet to conquer. The various app stores

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