The Nonprofit’s Guide to Email Automation for Better Fundraising


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This is a guest post from Rootid.

The need to increase fundraising revenue is a constant in the nonprofit world. Year after year, nonprofit development and marketing teams are under pressure to increase donor dollars while keeping administrative overhead low.

Marketing automation technologies for nonprofits are increasingly becoming the solution to address these challenges, while also addressing the needs of your donors. In this post, we will provide a blueprint on how to get started with a marketing automation series that will increase donor retention and build long-term relationships with new donors.

The donor retention challenge

According to an AFP study in 2016, nonprofits retained only 46% of their donors. This statistic is staggering, but perhaps not surprising to those that work in the fundraising industry.

With limited staff resources, time and technical expertise, nonprofits often struggle to build lasting emotional bonds with new donors. As a result, development teams can often spend time and money building donor acquisition campaigns to replace the 54% of donors that leave each year.

In fact, just a modest increase in donor retention rates has dramatic effects on the ability to increase fundraising dollars over time.

So, how can we keep donors around longer?

Bloomerang, a donor management software provider, released a

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