The Grumpy Designer’s Guide to April Fool’s Day

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It seems like each and every year we celebrate what I like to call “fringe” holidays more feverishly than the last. Just to be clear, my definition of a fringe holiday is one where I don’t get the day off. In my opinion, people get irrationally excited over them (despite the fact that they, too, don’t get the day off).

Halloween is one of the biggest culprits. The costumes and candy are fine for kids, but adults? Well, I’ll save that point for October. Today, I’d like to take on another of these overhyped events: April Fool’s Day. Specifically, how it’s celebrated on the web, where it fits into our modern cultural landscape and (most importantly) how to profit from it.

So, join me as we take a little journey into all the gags and goofs that make April 1 enjoyable – well, for some people. I promise not to trick you!

Welcome Respite or Sad Reminder?

During my childhood (in the much colder, pre-web era), I can recall April Fool’s Day being an opportunity to do something silly at school. For example, putting chalk inside the erasers or trying to convince my teacher that there was a rat running loose in the hallway.

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