The Four Ways That Freelancers Are Often Mistreated

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To many web professionals, freelancing means freedom. The freedom to work on what you please, when you please. It seems to be the perfect career path in this on-demand world we live in.

However, the fact that you’re out there on your own does have some downsides. Being a solo entrepreneur leaves you without a lot of the benefits and protections that an employee might have. And it is often those things that leave us at a disadvantage.

One of the biggest resources lacking for freelancers is a legal department that is there to make sure that nobody is taken advantage of. They help to set policies, ensure compliance and defend company interests when needed.

Of course, clients know this. And if you run into a particularly unscrupulous one, your relationship could become fraught with abuse.

In fact, there are a number of ways that clients can mistreat you. Let’s explore four of the more common transgressions, along with ways to combat them.

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1. Refusal to Pay the Agreed Upon Price

There are all sorts of reasons why a client may not pay. Sometimes, it’s a financial hardship. But there are also situations

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