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When it comes to online video editing courses, there's a lot of choice out there, and all that can be overwhelming. In this post, we've gathered together the best video editing courses on the online market today, to help you decide.

But just like with any type of learning or tool for graphic designers, one size doesn't fit all, and the course that's right for you will depend on your preferred software, budget and favoured way of learning. In short, there's something for everyone here. So read on and we'll give you the info you need to find the right online video editing course for you.

01. Larry Jordan

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The best all rounder – learn about video editing from award-winning industry titan Larry Jordan

  • Pros: Industry focused, expert insights
  • Cons: Can’t download videos, 3 months minimum subscription

Who better to learn about video editing than someone with a stellar career and reputation in the industry? 

Larry Jordan is an award-winning producer, director, editor, teacher and trainer who’s worked for US television for the last five decades. He launched a website offering online courses in 2003, specifically to enable editors, directors and producers to learn more about the evolving technology of media. 


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