The best computers for video editing 2018

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You may have captured the most beautiful, unique or thought-provoking footage of a lifetime, but taking it home or to your studio with inadequate hardware can lead to enormous frustration. So choosing one of our picks of the best computers for video editing will ensure that you have the ideal tool to make your footage sing.

Assuming you've got a permanent base for your editing, going for a desktop computer instead of one of our best laptops for video editing means that you get the benefit of better specifications for less money. And being able to work on a broader display allows you to pick out minute detail better and see what your film will look like on a bigger screen.

As well as our overall top choices of the very best Windows PC and Mac hardware on the shelves, we've also got you sorted if you're on a budget. And if you aren't sure which program to use once the computer's sorted, then you can check out our favourite video editing software, too.

Apple iMac Pro

Sometimes, if you want the best results, you just have to save up your pennies and go for the best tools. We know it's expensive (really, really expensive), but

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