The 62 best infographics

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The best infographics may look like they were simple to create, but designing an effective piece of data visualization is anything but. So why go to the effort of creating an infographic? Well, they say that every picture tells a story, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and images to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion. Most importantly, great infographic design can translate complex data into something everyone should be able to understand at a glance.

How do you design an infographic?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing infographics. However, there are several great tools to create infographics, which will help get you off to a great start. And these examples of infographics from around the web will show you how you can take things a step further and add a bit of style and personality to your data.

We'll kick off with some awesomely meta infographics about infographics, before moving on to the best infographics for giving instructions, explaining a process and more (use the quick links on the right to jump to the section you want). Hopefully our   picks will give you plenty of inspiration for designing great

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