Tesco, Heineken, Morrisons: 5 things that mattered this week and why


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Tesco brings Jack’s in store for the first time

Last September, Tesco opened the first stores of its new discount chain, Jack’s, named after Tesco founder Jack Cohen.

It was a move to rival the growing popularity of those German discounters, Aldi and Lidl, which have been encroaching on other supermarkets’s market share consistently over the last few years.

This week, Tesco started selling Jack’s products in its main stores for the first time as part of its centenary celebrations, which also saw the launch of its second anniversary campaign featuring Morph and Mr Motivator.

It is promoting “100 years of great value”, so the introduction of Jack’s fits in neatly, given all Jack’s products are cheaper than their cheapest Tesco counterparts.

But it feels bigger than this, like Tesco is testing the waters to see whether there is scope to introduce Jack’s items into its main stores in the longer term.

How do they sell in main stores? Do they cannibalise the sales of other Tesco products? Is this going to lure loyal Aldi and Lidl shoppers through Tesco’s doors?

Or perhaps it is just the simple fact that Jack’s products aren’t selling well in their own stores and Tesco needs to get rid of stock.

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