Self-hosted Cloud Storage: Nextcloud vs. ownCloud vs. Seafile

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Are you planning to build your own Dropbox-type cloud storage for your team or business? Though there are various self-hosted cloud solutions for creating a private cloud yet all of them will not fit your requirements.

That is why, in this post I am going to confront the top three self-hosted cloud storage solutions i.e. Nextcloud, ownCloud, and Seafile, to help you pick the best. These three are free and open-source solutions to create and host private cloud — a cloud for you and your contacts only.

So, let us discuss these in detail to know where they stand individually.


ownCloud was started to provide a free replacement for proprietary storage service providers. Nextcloud, on the other hand, is a featureful fork of ownCloud that was started by ownCloud’s core developers including its founding developer. And Seafile was born with an objective to develop and distribute a file syncing software.

Although these three were started to provide a proprietary-free cloud storage solution yet they have lots of differences. The most notable among those is, ownCloud and Seafile offer two editions — a server edition that is free and open-source and a pro/enterprise edition

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