Salary Survey 2019: Flexible working and career breaks


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As one of Marketing Week’s key trends for 2019, flexible working is growing in popularity among marketers across every sector and level of seniority. Yet, despite the appetite for flexibility many companies are still failing to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

Marketing Week’s Career and Salary Survey 2019 reveals 90.1% of marketers say flexible working is very important or important, up from 87% in 2018. The number who believe flexible working is very important is up from 47.2% last year to 53.3%.

However, just 46.4% of marketers are able to take advantage flexible working, a slight rise from 42.6% in 2018. Over the past 12 months& 37.7% of marketers have actually worked flexibly, an increase from 34.2% in 2018.& The research questioned 4,415 marketers in total.

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Pizza Hut Europe promotes a flexible approach to working, based on trusting the individual to organise their time, explains chief sales and brand officer Stephan Croix. A fan of co-working locations, Croix sees such spaces as a source of inspiration on how other companies are challenging the established norms. However, it’s all about striking the right balance.

“In marketing, building relationships is a big part of our job and getting the recognition from the network of

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