Resources for Designing a Logo on the Cheap

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Whether your client has a small budget, you’re starting out and are trying to bootstrap your business, or are trying to save money during lean times, finding resources to help you design a logo on the cheap is important. While you may already have design software or typically pay for a subscription to an online program, it’s important to know what other options and resources are available to help you design and produce logos for your clients that are what they want, but are still within their budget, (and yours).

Whether you need an online logo maker, templates to show your clients as examples of what their logo could look like, or some non-traditional fonts, here are some of the top resources to help you design logos on the cheap:


Designhill is a well-known graphic design website that offers different services for both designers and business owners. One of the best tools that they offer is their free logo designer, making it easy for you to create the logo your client wants without spending more time and money than it’s worth.


Another website that enables you to create logos from predesigned templates, Logojoy is an easy-to-use program that makes logo creation

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