Progressive Web Apps – The Future of the Modern Web?

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These days Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the talk of the town, mainly due to their amazing usability and unique user experience. With the combined features of websites and native apps, PWAs are becoming a norm for multi-device web applications allowing developers to build fast-loading dynamic apps without using hybrid frameworks.

I believe Progressive Web Apps are the future of websites &- and in the following write up I’ll be discussing its benefits and use cases to give you the whole the picture. Let’s get on to it.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

The term “Progressive Web Apps” was first coined by Alex Rusell (a developer of Google Chrome) and Frances Berriman (a designer). Alex shared his idea about Progressive Web Apps that “These apps aren’t packaged and deployed through stores, they’re just websites that took all the right vitamins“.

Sites that want to send you notifications or be on your home screen have to earn that right over time as you use them more and more. They progressively become “apps”“, wrote Alex about PWA’ appiness. Finally, he concluded, “these apps can deliver an even better user experience than traditional web

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