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Before you start browsing through the web apps list, check the productivity tips outlined here to see if there are any you might be neglecting. You should find these productivity tips and project management principles to be of significant value in managing your day-to-day workflow processes. Or if that all feels too serious you might want to take a quick look at this fun Photoshop article on how to create a text affect.

Productivity Tips 

–        Clarify Expectations – poorly stated expectations can lead to unintended outcomes. For individuals, following poorly stated or ambiguous client requirements usually leads to trouble. This includes task prioritization as well.

–        Keep Communications Open. Insufficient communication, whether between a team leader and team members, or individual designers and their clients, can be a productivity killer. This should be a constant process, since requirements, priorities, and needs can change.

–        Give Team Members Autonomy. By doing so, team members feel empowered, and are more likely to grow in their work.


–        Rethink Meetings. Structure a meeting to support project objectives. Whether the meeting consists of a roomful of people, or a one-on-one between a designer and the client.

–        Reserve Downtime. This is important for team morale, but it’s a guideline that the individual designer should heed as well.

Management Principles Project and Team Leaders Should Follow

  • Block off times
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