Photography and Natural Light

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Intensive work on lighting is probably one of the most effective and correct actions you can take to improve your images in general. As well as choosing the right subject in landscape photography, there’s also facing a choice of suitable natural light. The subject matter can vary greatly depending on the quality of natural light. Nature provides a photographer with all the diversity of natural light which varies according to weather conditions and time of day. Our task is to learn the most correct way to use it.

There are 3 main factors that affect natural light:

– The angle
– The season of the year
– Weather

Natural light consists of direct sunlight that provides warm shades and increased contrast, diffused light which is colder and more contrasting, and balanced light. At different times of day, you have different contrast and white balance. Starting at noon, the sun slowly descends to the horizon line, and the contrast of the images gradually decreases which is a result of the light reflecting from the surface.

As for weather, much depends on the clouds which are themselves a natural filter.
The worst time to shoot is noon. The sun’s rays are directed straight, the light is

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