Opinion: Google Partners Program incentives should include actual client goals


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I received an email yesterday about new challenges and rewards in the Google Partners experience, so I headed over there to see how things are going these days.

Have you visited the Google Partners Rewards experience? It simplifies the steps for how “points” are obtained by agencies and shows you exactly what you can do to gain those points (and what those points buy you. Google-branded Tile anyone?).

According to the page, you can earn points by these seven “challenges:”

  1. Audience challenge
  2. Search automation
  3. Display automation
  4. Non-last click adoption
  5. Host a live stream event
  6. Participate in a training
  7. Team certifications and specializations

Expected culprits like certifications and training achievements give agencies ways to gain points for swag-winning fun, but some of those categories for swag-winning points have of a more ominous tone to them.

For instance, incentivizing an agency to add Search or GDN automation into a percentage of accounts so they can get that Google ping pong table doesn’t begin to hit upon actual client goals. This is to say nothing of whether or not that automation is, at this time, even what is needed by that account.

The fact that Google isn’t incentivizing agencies on what is best for their client accounts is sadly no longer a surprise to me,

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