Master version control for remote teams

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Working remotely has become much more common in web development over the last few years. Before version control, working remotely on the same development project would have been an absolute nightmare. Developers would have had to send large files to each other (probably through email), pasting in their own code before sending it back. There was no real way to track what had been added and when.

Thankfully, version control has arrived and made development on all fronts a lot more manageable. Web projects have become much easier to implement and manage, especially when it comes to working in a remote development team. You no longer have to worry about the current version of a website being overwritten – each team member is free to work on any file at anytime – and there is no confusion as to where the latest version of a file is being stored.

In this tutorial, we are going be using GitHub to manage our code. There are numerous different types of version control tool out there, such as Bitbucket and TFVC, but even though they are all different, the principles remain the same when it comes to managing code.

Firstly, it's very important to

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