Illustrator CC 2019 review

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For a long time, Adobe's software had a film hold as the producer of the design industry's standard software. However, in recent years competition has begun to stack up, with new programmes offering innovative features and approaches – and Adobe has started to fall behind. 

So where does the 2019 update leave Illustrator in the race for the best vector editing tool? The latest update to Adobe Illustrator CC dropped in October 2018, and with it came a number of new features that will be welcomed by creatives looking to speed up their workflow and save time. 

Since the previous update, Illustrator has made some good progress, notably with the introduction of a Global Editing option, and an awesome Freeform Gradients tool, which enables you to create killer gradients quickly and easily. The ability to download Adobe Fonts straight from within Illustrator is another very welcome addition. But has it done enough to keep its crown as the king of the vector editing tools? Let's take a closer look...

Freeform Gradients

Long gone are the days where you need to master the

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