How Wide Are HTML Emails Today?


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**This post has been updated as of January 2019**

You may be wondering, just how wide are HTML emails these days? Years ago, we recommended emails be no wider than 550-600px, but that was before dimensions ballooned beyond 1024×768. 

What is HTML email width?

But let’s back up. Before going into how wide your HTML emails should be, let’s discuss its meaning.

In short, email HTML width refers to how wide the design is, and therefore, how it will appear inside reader inboxes.

Which HTML email width do most designers use?

You may remember our simple reader poll that determined the maximum width designers were using for HTML email.

Like much of HTML email design, change is slow. Many email client preview panes only recently became suitable for emails exceeding 650px wide.

Extra-wide emails (say, exceeding 800px), can still introduce awkward scrollbars to the preview pane, or they may be horizontally truncated.

Our poll

Gauging from a purely non-scientific sample (467 reader votes received), this seems to be common knowledge amongst designers:

Results from our email width poll

According to Stephen Muchmore at Armcom:

Although the average display is getting bigger, we find that B2B email still requires the 600px limit. It sucks when the whole agency has 1920px wide screens…

The results

As you can see, 74% of votes were for a

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