How to sculpt a human nose in ZBrush: 4 easy steps

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Human noses come in all shapes and sizes. However, it's important to know the basics of anatomy to sculpt a more believable nose. In this ZBrush tutorial, we'll walk through how to sculpt a realistic human nose in four simple steps.

First off, it's necessary to understand how a nose works. If we were to explain a nose in its simplest forms, we would most likely divide it into three parts that we see at first glance: bridge, tip and nostrils (also known by some as wings). However, as artists, we need to dig a little deeper. We also need to consider what lies beneath the skin. 

Let’s focus on the part of the nose that sticks out of the skull, and defines how skin wraps around it. Without going into surgical level of detail, we can break it down into a few more smaller parts (see step 3): nasal bone, dorsal hump, cartilages (lateral, septal, lesser and greater alar) and dense soft tissue. They go by many names, so do not be alarmed if your resource shows an alternative.

Grab a mirror and take a look at your own nose. Gently poke and press it with your

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