How to Build Your Instagram Account from Scratch


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We all know the importance of social media today. Whether you are a business or a brand there are a multitude of reasons for you to keep up with your social media accounts. But if you are starting from scratch it can be a daunting task. This article will give you the tips and tricks you need to know to boost your social media efforts on Instagram and have bigger success with your Instagram presence.

Plan Your Content

Starting off, you need to plan your content and choose your niche. In many cases it’s straightforward. If you are a sushi restaurant it would make sense to post high quality sushi photos. Then people who love sushi might want to follow you. Or if you are a high adventure camping brand you should post beautiful landscape photos and shots of your equipment in stunning destinations. Think about your ideal followers and what type of content to post that they will like. To maximize your conversion from viewers to followers try to make your content entertaining or educational. If your viewers crack a smile or learn something from one of your posts they are more likely to stick around and become a fan.

There are two main things you need to think about when planning your content. First, who is the audience you want to attract and what appeals to them visually. And second, what type of original photos and videos are you able to create consistently. Because in a few weeks or a few months you’ll have used all your good content and need more, make sure you can create new content easily and consistently.

When you create your account and add your first photo remember to add more than one initial post to your profile. For Instagram I recommend you add at least 9 posts initially when you first create the account. This will give any early viewers a better idea of your content so they can decide to follow you easier. If you only have one or two posts people are much less likely to follow you or stay on your page. When there is nothing to see they won’t stay. Start with at least 9 photos or videos to give yourself the best chance for growth early on.

Engage Your Community

The most important tactic to get awareness and earn followers is to engage with other people in your community. That means taking the

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