How ROI can help you choose your martech provider


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The choice of the right marketing technology provider for each business depends on many factors. Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important ones.

The rise of marketing technology is bringing up the challenge of finding the best provider to meet your business goals. One of the most popular factors that affect a martech investment is the measurement of its ROI.

Every purchasing decision from marketers has to be justified. The return on investment can tell whether the technology can meet their expectations, bringing them closer to their goals.

As more marketing technology vendors show up though, the choice becomes harder on picking the right solution. As the criteria are subjective, ROI becomes even more important for each company.

Marketers’ focus on ROI for martech investment

According to the recent Marketing Technology ROI survey by Ascend2, the increase of marketing ROI is the first objective for a marketing technology strategy.

69% of the respondents view ROI as their primary objective, while 48% focus on marketing efficiency. This means that it becomes imperative for a marketing technology solution to be able to help a company with the set goals, improving the way they are measured and achieved.

Return on investment seems to be a key factor

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