How Nostalgia in Web Design Captivates Users (with examples)

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Nostalgia makes users feel warm inside. Suzanne Scacca explains the user psychology behind this, and how we can utilize the effects of nostalgia in web design on users for higher conversions and engagement (with examples).


Right now, more than ever before, we're seeing all sorts of nostalgic throwbacks causing us to reminisce about the good ol' days! We're seeing an endless supply of remakes, reboots and long-awaited sequels like Spider-Man and Ghostbusters; Bruno Mars topping the music charts with songs that sound eerily similar to classic hits by Kool & the Gang; women wearing chokers and high-waisted pants.

And this isn't a new phenomenon either.

Every generation daydreams about how things were way back when, and what's changed since.

It's true, nostalgia is a very powerful emotion. It can even make us feel happy and at the same time, and in design/marketing, we can use nostalgia to captivate users…then convert them.

What the Research Says About Nostalgia

Nostalgia stirs up very strong feelings, so there's something to be said about user psychology and why we continue to see retro throwbacks time and time again. After all, the goal in marketing is to create content that taps into our audience's emotional

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