How Mozilla has adopted an ‘agile’ approach to make marketing more effective


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Mozilla has adopted a new marketing approach inspired by ‘agile’ methodology &- most commonly used in software development as a collaborative way to find solutions &- as it looks to make better use of its team and their time.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Mozilla’s CMO Jascha Kaykas-Wolff describes every organisation as a “giant gravity well” that ideas and projects gets stuck in &- in marketing in particular- because the right processes and systems aren’t in place. He compares this to product or engineering teams, where new ideas instead get put in a queue and then dealt with in a systematic way.

While the analogy may sound like the opposite of what a creative industry like marketing would want, Kaykas-Wolff says that by adopting agile approaches, Mozilla has found it easier to get work done and to recruit.

“In marketing, because the gravity well is quite unformed, there are not a lot of systems so you end up with a mash of ideas that work to what that particular organisation is trying to solve or work on, that you have to hire around,” he explains. “It makes it unbelievably difficult to recruit. You can’t go out to the same pools of talent to bring

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