How HubSpot Grew Online Customer Reviews By 157%


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Nowadays, reviews matter more than ever. In fact, over 85% of U.S. adults say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

At HubSpot, we know reviews are important for driving leads to our product in the first place. But we’re starting to recognize the importance of reviews at the end of a buyer’s journey, as well.Download our& free guide to learn how to more effectively use and measure  customer loyalty programs for your business.&

Review websites rank super well on Google for purchase-intent software terms we care about, like "crm software", "best crm software" and "crm systems".

People searching for terms like these are ready to buy CRM software and as a result, are highly likely to turn into customers.

You can hardly blame Google for serving this content first. With over 500 providers of CRM software, it’s tough for customers to hop from vendor to vendor to choose the right CRM. They need a single resource that lists top CRM software. A number of sites have capitalized on this opportunity.

With these review sites dominating search for almost every CRM keyword with commercial intent, we needed to improve our presence on these websites and grow our customer reviews.

Here, we’ll walk you through our experience choosing the best channels to collect reviews,

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