How AI is Changing the Role of the Designer


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This is a guest post from Matthew Fritschle, a content writer at Aumcore.

AI (artificial intelligence) is nothing new. In fact, the field of AI research technically began in 1956, meaning we’ve been advancing AI for over sixty years. However, as we continue to advance, AI does provide a constant stream of news and concerns.

For example, programs now have the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so, as we’ve seen with machine learning.

Although this development has many positive results, many have voiced concerns over AI. For instance, what if dependable positions are taken by AI? What if we create something that mirrors hateful human behavior (as was the case with Microsoft’s Tay)?

While these concerns are valid, AI is all around us, largely making life more convenient.  AI is often used where you shop (Amazon comes to mind) and programmed into binge-watching platforms like Netflix. We use AI constantly to improve otherwise inefficient situations.

Still, depending on your profession, you may not embrace the changes AI brings with it.

As mentioned above, we’re already seeing automation take jobs away from human workers in factories and fast food locations worldwide.

This begs the question, what’s next?

What does the future of design look like

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