Here's Why Editors Reject Your Guest Blog Pitches [New Research]


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Inbound marketing: You know it’s all about using content to educate others and attract people to your brand. You create and distribute unique, valuable, educational content, and members of your audience take notice.

If you’re practicing inbound marketing, you probably also know that guest posting your content to outside publications is one of the most effective ways of reaching those people where they already are and drawing them directly to you.Save time creating blog posts with these free templates.

When you do it well, guest posting can be a great addition to your content marketing strategy. You can reach new audiences, establish credibility, drive qualified site traffic, generate leads, and earn links that help you build a stronger organic presence.

And at a time when 55% of marketers say growing traffic is a top marketing priority and 61% say SEO is a top inbound priority, guest posting can be a seriously effective solution.

Unlike blogging on your own website, though, guest blogging requires you to earn placement. This means that you have to work alongside a publication editor to deliver content that fits.

For the second year in a row, my team at Influence & Co. has surveyed online publication editors across multiple industries to uncover trends

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