Here's How AI Will Pull Content Marketing Back From the Brink of Destruction


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Hemingway tried to warn us.

“All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and& bleed.”

And bleed we shall.

Because we’ve created a monster that’s bent on ruining the content marketing that was once the saving grace in our long journey toward self-destruction.

“There is a content monster, and it’s tearing apart content marketing. Monsters are creatures that are out of control, that don’t respond to reason or logic, that just are; with no purpose.”

You know what’s even scarier?

Almost everyone is doing content marketing. Yet, less than half of B2B marketers feel their efforts are performing better than “meh.”



We’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn things around.

If what Seth Godin said about content marketing being the only marketing we have left is true, we’d better grab it.

Artificial intelligence is here, and it might pull content marketing back from the brink of destruction — if we’ll just let it.

When I say AI will save content marketing, you might jump at the thought of getting some of your most time-consuming tasks — like that whole writing thing — off your plate.

Not so fast.

Quality content isn’t something that

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