Going beyond the trend: The movements influencing design in 2019


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En vogue typefaces. Fashionable photographers. Shiny new mediums and technologies. On-trend colours. You’ll see these littered through every ‘hot design trends’ piece doing the rounds this time of year.

These fashions come and go and do of course have a huge influence on the directions brands choose to take with their content. But design doesn’t need to be ‘on trend’ to land well. The latest trend won’t be right for the huge range of brands, causes and people that make up our rich and vibrant world.

Great design is more than a new colour or medium. In 2019, we’ll see creative teams stretched and challenged to dive deeper and unleash creative that latches onto bigger, more fundamental challenges shaping their businesses. They’ll need to create moments, experiences and genuine connections that drive belief in a changing world. They’ll be called upon to work in new ways with new people.

So we’ve left the latest and greatest graphic updates for other articles (and the coffee machine chat in our studio).

Instead, we’ve asked ourselves about the trends behind the trends &- and what they mean for today’s creatives.

History &- and what lies beneath

In recent years we’ve seen ‘craft’ and ‘heritage’ blow markets wide open and

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