Gfycat’s ‘GIFs’ can now keep the sound on

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Gfycat, a home for GIF-making tools and an online community, is rolling out a new way to create GIFs — it will now let you keep the sound on. With “Gfycat Sound,” as the feature is called, GIF makers will have the option to retain the audio from the video file they’re using to create their “GIF” — something Gfycat believes will be especially popular among gamers.

The company had already experimented with other types of non-traditional GIFs, like longer GIFs, AR GIFs, HD GIFs and 360 GIFs, for example, in order to evolve the concept of the GIF beyond the classic, grainy loop.

Of course, the resulting GIFs aren’t “.gifs” at this point — they’re short-form videos.

The same holds true for “Gfycat Sound.” But end users don’t necessarily care about the GIFs’ technical underpinnings — they just want to create and share short clips pulled from longer pieces of content.

(If you’re curious, though, Gfycat says it transcodes the video with the audio track – mono and stereo – into WebM and MP4. In a later iteration, it will save the audio as a separate file that can be mixed with any of the 14 different files we generate for every Gfycat.)


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