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Photoshop is a versatile tool and designers still use it to create web page layouts. It is often preferred over ‘drag and drop’ builders as it lets you create and customize web pages just the way you imagined it. However, it can take designers a long time to create websites using this tool, especially when compared to other tools in the marketplace. We have gathered some free resources, plugins, tips, and tricks to improve your photoshop workflow and boost your efficiency so you can focus on the actual work.

This collection of resources and plugins can transform your photoshop experience as it opens up new possibilities for font choices, colors, and other design elements.


1. Page Layers

Convert web pages into layered PSD files with this tool. This software is especially helpful when you want to redesign a web page layout. Take a screenshot of the app or the web page you have meaning to rework and use this tool to rearrange different elements in the site to create a new design that works for your business. You can use their free trial version or purchase the premium version which costs about $34.99 – It is compatible with MAC OSX.

2. Bjango Actions

This tool is embedded with a variety of photoshop actions that can speed up your Photoshop workflow. Improve the efficiency of your work by choosing an action from their collection of actions and scripts. Cropping an image, changing colorways and scaling imagery has never been easier.

3. Renamy

Tired of manually renaming every file in your photoshop document? Download renamy and use it to rename multiple documents with a click of a button. You can rename up to 5 documents with the demo version. If you are a long-term photoshop user and work with more than 5 layers at a time, then we highly recommend downloading

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