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ps-stock-marquee-1440x660 Free Photoshop for a year (Giveaway)

Ever wanted to get Photoshop CC but were scared away by the $29,99/month? I know how it is. “Free Photoshop” sounds good when you are a student or newbie designer.

30 bucks per month doesn’t seem much, but for a newbie designer who doesn’t have projects on a regular basis, that seems a lot.

So, why is it so expensive? Consider that Photoshop has had its release date in 1990. Since that date, they’ve poured millions of dollars into research and into product development.

They have a great team of developers, artists, and others who expect to get paid for their work. The fact that so many people work for the product means they require to keep the price relatively high to compensate.

Over the years, they’ve improved the software and added more useful features with each version.

It’s a huge editing tool that can help you:

How to get Photoshop for free

You read that right.

I’m offering you the chance to get Photoshop CC for free. I’m putting on the table a Photoshop license valid for a year.

How about saving $239.88? Or €285.37 with VAT included, if you’re from the European Union. Yaay!

And I’m not talking about the Photoshop free trial that many of us have

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