Digital Transformation is a Journey, Not a Destination

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How the amazing physical feats performed by a 60-something woman half a century ago can show us about the complex journey of digital transformation.

The internet is awash with journeys. Everyone has a story. Everyone is on a journey. Yet that doesn’t make the notion of a journey any less powerful. For leaders who are struggling to bring their company into the 21st century, digital transformation is among the top goals. That can mean moving to the cloud, updating or replacing legacy software, changing processes and reorganizing your business structure — none of which even by itself is a small goal.

That’s why we talk about digital transformation as a journey. But it goes deeper than that. Lots of knowledgeable and trustworthy influencers out there say it’s wrong to characterize digitization as a goal in the first place.

To illustrate why these experts take this stance, take the case of Emma Gatewood.

What Grandma Gatewood Can Teach us About Digital Transformation

In 1955, a quiet, unassuming 67-year old grandmother of 23 became the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) all by herself. Wearing only ordinary sneakers and carrying only a blanket and a plastic shower curtain, she hiked the entire 2050-mile

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