Design Systems Virtual Summit 2018

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Design systems are the hottest topic in UX today.

Everyone seems to either be creating one, or planning to create one. The benefits are undeniable: better design consistency and more efficient product development.

So what better way to usher in the golden age of design systems than with a worldwide online event full of experienced speakers and compelling case studies?

That’s how Design Systems Virtual Summit 2018 came to be. And thanks to sponsorship from Atlassian and Salesforce, it’s free for the world. Design Systems Virtual Summit 2018 features 13 webinars across Feb 13–16, 2018.

Featuring 13 free webinars from today’s top practitioners.

Speakers include folks like Dan Mall, Bethany Sonefeld, and Ken Skistimas. They come from places like Salesforce, Atlassian, Airbnb, Linkedin, Fjord, IBM, GE Digital, Fjord, Athena Health, ForumOne, and Zendesk.

You’ll learn:

  • How to assemble a design systems team and technology stack.
  • How to identify and resolve design inconsistencies.
  • Where design systems should be consistent or flexible and how to adapt tools and technology to balance both.
  • How to avoid vague design principles.
  • How to sustain consistency across products and interface targets (Android, iOS, VR, or even Natural Language interfaces).
  • How to build a design systems backlog, governance model, and ROI tracking.
  • How to unify design with code.
  • How to close
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