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Technology / Startups - 1 month ago

How tbh hit #1 by turning anonymity positive

& The innovation of tbh, teen-speak for To Be Honest, was getting rid of the typing. Whether asking or answering questions, open text fields invite abuse when combined with anonymity. Even an innocuous question like “What do you think of me...

Technology / Startups - 1 month ago

How to run a token sale

& Seed funding is drying up. Accelerators are scrambling for revenue. Things are changing drastically in the startup ecosystem. So how do you raise money when your product needs more than some Django code and an AWS instance? You run an ICO, righ...

Technology / Startups - 1 month ago

HubSpot acquires chatbot builder Motion AI

& HubSpot announced this morning that it has acquired chatbot startup Motion AI. Motion AI launched in 2015 and offers an editor for building chatbots that work on websites, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Slack, no coding required. Even before the a...