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Technology / News - 5 hours ago

How Twitter could have avoided this week’s DM scandal

Twitter is under fire this week after media organization Project Veritas published undercover footage of engineers from the company saying that employees – “at least, three or four hundred people” read users’ posts and supposedly private Direct Messa...

Technology / News - 15 hours ago

Reading robots aren’t here to threaten your jobs

AI developed by Microsoft and Alibaba, independently, last week became the first to beat humans at reading comprehension. The reported implications of this technological advancement seem to indicate machines with the ability to read better than human...

Technology / News - 17 hours ago

Everything you need to know about cyborgs

If we feel the technology we rely on is changing us, can we trust that change? After all, the revolution of today is the mundane of tomorrow. Our successors will find the moral panics around smartphones as quaint as we now think of 20th-century moral...