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Human Resources - 2 months ago

An Income Statement Everyone Should Read

Every year, I look forward to two reports: The Deloitte Human Capital Trends report and the Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends report. I’ve written about the Deloitte report here and here; and the Internet Trends report here and here.

Human Resources - 2 months ago

Who’s Taking Care of HR?

When the you-know-what hits the fan, “HR is expected to be the calm one; to be the voice of reason; to not let it get to us or at least show that it doesn’t get to us.”

Human Resources - 2 months ago

Plotting Your Path to Smarter HCM in the Cloud

As organizations respond with a pursuit toward HCM Cloud solutions, many struggle with the evaluation process. This guide provides tips, advice and a checklist to help you make the right choices for your business, and your people. Learn more!