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Health - 2 days ago

3 Ways Your BFFs Can Improve Your Health

[brightcove:5211200939001 default] We give ourselves credit for plenty of things: nailing a project at work, making killer overnight oats, shaving our legs regularly (well, at least in warm weather). But there’s one thing women ought to take...

Health - 4 days ago

5 Best Moves For Strong Shoulders

[brightcove:5569708771001 default] Chances are, you don't even realize how often you use your shoulder muscles. Think about it: Every time you lift a grocery bag, place an object on a tall shelf, or pick up your toddler, you're putting you...

Health - 4 days ago

Loosen Up! Arm Stretches for Tight Shoulders

[brightcove:5569708771001 default] To prevent or alleviate tight shoulders, try these three key stretches, courtesy of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Passive stretch Stand in a doorway, facing the frame, and bend left arm...