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Digital Marketing / Email - 2 years ago

Email: creating a low effort experience

Lately I’ve been pondering a conundrum regarding data and marketing. Consumers are concerned about businesses using their private data. They don’t trust businesses with their data when asked or given the option they often don’t want to be tracked. A...

Digital Marketing / SEO - 2 years ago

11 Truths About Being a Digital Marketer

Let’s face it: marketing is a cult. When you’re a marketer, you jump at the chance to talk about the latest Apple ad, or the newest marketing technology. You preach the gospels of the movement. You defend it. You complain about it. And on...

Digital Marketing / SEO - 2 years ago

Why SEO Needs Better Testing – HW #90

Real scientists know they have to set up tests and experiments with extreme care if they want to get meaningful results. SEO is both an art and a science and for the science part of it, we’re highly dependent on findings from studies and tests....